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A symbolic ceremony is a good option for couples who do not want to deal with paperwork issues or for those couples who are already married and want to renew their vows, to experience the emotions of the wedding day once again on the magic Santorini Island. As a rule, our symbolic ceremonies are the same as the official ones, except for the absence of documents. There will be the same structure of the ceremony, the same Registrant, you will put your signatures on the souvenir Marriage Certificate, there will be the signature of the Registrant as well. This is a kind of ceremony when you register the documents in your country, but you have a very beautiful wedding in Santorini. All extra costs for papers can be avoided by arranging a symbolic ceremony instead of an official one, but at the same time you will have the solemn and memorable wedding! And for the saved costs you can book a sea voyage, on the second day after the wedding! There are no restrictions on the dates of arrival and departure, the only thing you need is to come to our office for pre-wedding meeting at least 1 day before the wedding.


Official ceremonies in Santorini are recognized all over the world, except for some countries (contact our wedding planner to get more information). We send the package of documents for marriage in Santorini to each couple individually. It depends on your citizenship and residence. For example, some documents require an apostille, but you can get it only in the country of issue of this document. If you are currently living in another country, you must contact the embassy of the country of document issue to put an apostille. We provide individual consultations for each couple. There are many different cases that must be discussed and checked in your local town hall before you make a decision to plan the civil ceremony, Such consultation is free of charge. There are different rules for different islands in Greece for paperwork and the best solution is to call our wedding planner on Viber or Whatsup and get expert advice on the paperwork for official marriage in Santorini. You must be on the island at least 2 working days before the wedding and stay for another 2 working days after the ceremony in the case of the official ceremony. On the second working day after the marriage, we go to the town hall with the couples.