Weddings in Santorini

The perfect match is made in heaven, the perfect wedding is made in Santorini! Your wedding day is coming, a goal that you both set…. Imagine the magical Greek island washed by emerald Aegean sea. According to the archeologists’ inventions Santorini is considered to be the part of the lost continent of Atlantis. Its spectacular beauty and dynamic nightlife have made the island one of the Europe’s top tourist hotspots.

Olga and Alexander

Darya and Aleksej

Yana and Sergey


An island Santorini is on the first place in rating of Places for Marriage (“BBC Travel” and ” Lonelyplanet”). Also an island got in the first ten of the visited islands (magazine of “Ask Men”) and on voting of readers of magazine of “Travel and Leisure” was chosen as the most popular European island. The German magazine ” of Gala” described an island Santorini as place, where celebrities are hidden. Loving couples arrive here to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in Europe.

Anastasiya and Yaroslav

Dana Villas

Maria and Alexander

Santorini ranks among the top destinations for wedding celebrations and enjoying honeymoons. There is a belief that couples who have got married in Santorini have unbreakable marriages! We will create your perfect wedding tailored to any budget!
You can share this event with your relatives, close friends or enjoy these unique moments just with your beloved in the most romantic location with a view over the volcano and crystal blue Aegean Sea. It can be large, small, civil or a religious wedding. Don’t miss a chance to experience Renewal of Marriage Vows which is a special celebration of wedding anniversary.