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There are several options for booking hotels and villas in Santorini. Hotels and villas located on the Caldera have beautiful volcano and colorful mountains views. You can enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Europe. They are on cliffs, at a height, on the rocks. But their cost is much higher than those hotels that are located on the coast. Villa in Caldera is always a great choice to stay if you have the wedding because you can make very beautiful pictures of the bride’s preparation on the terrace with volcano views. You can take a few nights at a hotel on the Caldera, and then move to the coast, where hotels have a more reasonable price, and where there is direct access to the beach. There is no access to the sea and the beach from Caldera hotel, you can swim only in pool or jacuzzi. We do not advise you to take only one night on the Caldera on the wedding day, since the villas check in is at 14.00, so the bride will not have time to get ready. It is better to take the hotel the day before, at least for 2 nights, then there will be no rush with moving and the bride will feel calm in the villa with ideal views. Also, be careful choosing the villas for stay, as a lot of villas on the island pretend to be the villas on cliffs, have the same prices as hotels on the Caldera, but they are located on the other side of the island and have just sea-views. They don’t have volcano, Caldera and sunset views. You can ask us before booking a particular hotel, we will tell you where the villa is located, and how far it is from the wedding location. Also, we cooperate with villas that will make you better offer for group bookings. After the wedding days you can move to the villas which are located on the beach with access to the sea. As a rule these hotels have better prices than those on Caldera, but there is a beach nearby. We can advise you where to accommodate your guests and which villa to choose for the wedding days.

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